What Is The Cheapest Car To Insure For A Teenager?

What is the cheapest vehicle to insure for a teenager?

But after all their research, these are the 10 least expensive cars to insure for a teen:2008 Subaru Forester – $550 per year.2009 Mercury Milan – $558 per year.2008 Scion xB – $558 per year.208 Nissan Rogue – $580 per year.2009 Honda Civic – $594 per year.2009 Ford Fusion – $596 per year.More items…•.

What is the safest vehicle for a teenager?

The 5 Safest Cars for Teen DriversSubaru Forester (2014 and newer) Photo Credit. … Honda CR-V (2015 and newer) Photo Credit. … Mitsubishi Outlander (2014 and newer) Photo Credit. … Chevy Malibu (2014 and newer) Photo Credit. … Honda Accord (2013 and newer) Photo Credit.

What is a good sports car for a teenager?

10 Best Sports Cars for TeensMazda MX-5 Miata.Toyota 86/Subaru BR-Z.Chevrolet Camaro.MINI Cooper S Hardtop.Hyundai Veloster.Nissan Sentra NISMO.Volkswagen Beetle SE.Fiat 124.More items…•

What is the cheapest car to insure for a 17 year old?

The cheapest cars to insure for 17 year oldsCarAverage annual premium*1Volkswagen Up!£790.432Fiat 500£806.973Peugeot 107£807.864Ford Ka£826.436 more rows•Sep 7, 2017

What is the best starter car for a teenager?

Best First Cars for TeensBEST OVERALL. Volkswagen Golf. See Photos. Starting Price: $21,805. … BEST MIDSIZE. Toyota Camry. See Photos. Starting Price: $24,565. … BEST SPORTS CAR. Mazda 3. See Photos. Starting Price: $18,990. … BEST ALL-WHEEL DRIVE. Subaru Impreza. See Photos. Starting Price: $19,355.

What are the cheapest cars to insure?

The top 10 cheapest cars to insure right nowFiat Panda. … Dacia Logan. … Skoda Citigo. … Kia Rio. … Seat Ibiza. … Volkswagen up! … Hyundai i10. … Vauxhall Corsa. No list would be complete without the Vauxhall Corsa.More items…•

What car should I buy my 16 year old?

1. 2019 Toyota Camry. For years the Toyota Camry has been a staple in reliability when you are buying a car for a 16 year old teenager, you must first consider the long term reliability.

Is a BMW a good first car for a teenager?

It really is hard to not feel cool as a teenager driving a sporty BMW coupe. The 1 Series is the perfect car for that, as it’s small, awesome looking, drives fantastically and is more than fast enough to be fun, with either engine option. Most teens would go for the BMW 128i, which is probably for the better.

Is it better to buy or lease a car for a teenager?

If you’d like to ensure your teen has access to these features without paying a high price, leasing is your best bet. Fewer maintenance issues: By leasing a car for your teen, you reduce your risk of having to deal with regular maintenance issues that arise as cars age.

Is a mini one a good first car?

Mini Coopers are not famous for reliability, and they cost a lot to maintain, compared to some other small cars, but they are a blast to drive and they are easy on gasoline. If you can find one in good condition at an affordable price, it could be a good first car. A lot depends on what you want.