Quick Answer: What Is The Passive Voice Of He Keeps Me Waiting?

What is the passive voice of She kept us waiting?

A phrase is in the passive voice when the subject is acted on by the verb.

In this case, ‘we’ is the subject and ‘were’ is the verb.

‘ She kept us waiting ‘ becomes ‘ We were kept waiting by her .


What is the passive voice of refused them admission?

Passive voice sentence results in the subject that is acted on by the verb. So, to convert the “we refused them admission” from active to passive voice is “They were refused admission by us.”

What is the passive voice of shut the door?

But that said, the passive voice of the sentence ‘shut the door’ is indeed ‘let the door be shut’. Directives with let : First person imperatives can be formed by preposing the verb let’. The same applies to third person subjects.

What is the passive voice of Do not insult the poor?

The passive form of this sentence is: Let the poor not be insulted.

What is the passive voice of He kept me waiting?

here’s your answer! we can see in this question we have to change active voice into passive voice. while changing his sentence from active to passive voice we always do some structural changes and some changes in the order of the sentence and so on and so forth. I was kept waiting by him.

Is this sentence passive voice?

To identify passive voice, look at what happened and look at who was responsible for doing it. If the person or thing responsible for doing the actions is either omitted or occurs in the sentence AFTER the thing that happened, AND if you see a past participle straight after the form of “to be,” it’s passive voice.

What is the passive voice of sit down?

The passive form of the verb ‘sit down’ is ‘be seated’.

Do manners reveal character change the voice?

Answer. The character is revealed through the manners. The given question “manners reveal character” is a passive voice and the answer is changed to the active voice. … An active voice is one which the subject acts when the work is going on.

Who teaches you English active to passive?

The passive voice of “Who teaches you English?” will be “By whom are you being taught English”. When we change an active sentence into a passive one we change the positions of subject and object. This is one fundamental rule to be kept in mind while you make a conversion of active voice to passive voice.