Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Corner In English?

What’s another word for corner?

Corner Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for corner?bendcurveintersectionjunctioncrookanglearcforkturnturning116 more rows.

What is the sentence of corner?

Corner sentence examples. From the corner of her eye, she saw Alex watching her. They rounded the corner of the building to see a group of men lounging against the fence, watching a display that made Carmen’s blood run cold. The woman smiled, creating an attractive dimple at the corner of her mouth.

What does it mean to work the corner?

work the corner – definition – English. English English. work that lacks finish. work that makes one’s name.

How do you use sake in a sentence?

Sake sentence examplesI need your help for the sake of humanity. … “For her sake, I hope so,” Brady said. … For my sake, come in. … The mind is not for the sake of knowledge, but knowledge for the sake of the mind. … For the sake of his soul, if nothing else? … “It wasn’t for my sake,” she assured him. … For heaven’s sake don’t ask me anything now!More items…•

What does the 4 corners of the earth mean?

The far ends of the world; all parts of the world. For example, Athletes came from the four corners of the earth to compete in the Olympics.

What does District mean?

noun. a division of territory, as of a country, state, or county, marked off for administrative, electoral, or other purposes. a region or locality: the theater district; the Lake District. British. a subdivision of a county or a town.

What is the mean of corner?

noun. the place at which two converging lines or surfaces meet. the space between two converging lines or surfaces near their intersection; angle: a chair in the corner of the room. a projecting angle, especially of a rectangular figure or object: He bumped into the corner of the table.

Does a circle have a corner?

A corner is where 2 sides meet. E.g. a triangle has 3 straight sides and 3 corners, whereas a circle has 1 curved side but no corners.

What is monopolize mean?

verb (used with object), mo·nop·o·lized, mo·nop·o·liz·ing. to acquire, have, or exercise a monopoly of. to obtain exclusive possession of; keep entirely to oneself: Children monopolize one’s time.

What is the meaning of engross?

verb (used with object) to occupy completely, as the mind or attention; absorb: Their discussion engrossed his attention. She is engrossed in her work.

How do you use different in a sentence?

Different sentence examplesThere’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion. … He’s a different person, entirely. … Some people changed together and others went in different directions. … I enjoy traveling, especially to very different places. … What’s different about our test? … Yes, everything is different nowadays, everything is changed.More items…

What is a corner girl?

a prostitute. The corner girl came up to my car and said, “Looking for a good time?”

How do you find a corner in a circle?

We all know that circle is made of infinite points, which are made contact from a fixed centre distance. And a line required atleast two points , so any 3 points in a circle we can draw 2 lines which means that there is 1 corner.

Does a cone have a corner?

This is because it is completely round; it has no flat sides or corners. A cone has one face, but no edges or vertices. Its face is in the shape of a circle. … It has edges where faces meet each other or the base, vertices where two faces meet the base, and a vertex at the top where all of the triangular faces meet.

Why is a corner called a corner?

Etymology. From Middle English corner, from Anglo-Norman cornere (compare Old French cornier, corniere (“corner”)), from Old French corne (“corner, angle”, literally “a horn, projecting point”), from Vulgar Latin *corna (“horn”), from Latin cornua, plural of cornū (“projecting point, end, horn”). More at hirn.

How do you use yell in a sentence?

Yell sentence examplesI didn’t mean to yell at you, but you nearly scared me to death. … Kiki’s yell was pain-filled. … Yully’s yell was panicked. … He let out a yell and slapped Dean on the back, nearly knocking over a Gatorade. … ewto? ? … And I’ll be the first person to yell at you if you do something stupid.More items…