Quick Answer: What Are The Best Areas To Live In Liverpool?

What is the crime rate in Liverpool?

266 crimes per 1,000 peopleLiverpool has the 21st highest crime rate in the country.

Although much lower than in other northern cities such as Manchester, Newcastle and Burnley, the crime rate in Liverpool is still high, with 266 crimes per 1,000 people.

This is 78% higher than the national average of 149..

How many murders has Liverpool had in 2019?

The broadcaster reported that there were 774 homicides in 2018 and 650 in 2019, although the number in London rose. The capital saw 149 murders – the highest figure in more than a decade – compared to 133 the previous year, while in Liverpool the number halved from 21 to 10.

Is Liverpool a poor city?

For average rank, Liverpool is considered the 4th most deprived local authority in England (previously ranked 7th in 2015). … For average score, Liverpool is considered the 3rd most deprived (previously ranked 4th).

Is Woolton posh?

Woolton (locally /ˈwuːltən/; WUHL-ton) is an affluent suburb of Liverpool, England, southeast of the city, bordered by Allerton, Gateacre, Hunt’s Cross and Halewood. At the 2011 Census, the population was 12,921.

What is the roughest area in Liverpool?

There are also some nice parts on the edges of North Liverpool but in general there are more rough areas in the north. It is predominantly on the rougher and poorer side. To name some: Vauxhall, Kirkdale, Anfield, Everton, Walton, Norris Green, Croxteth, Bootle, Kirby.

Is Liverpool a good place to buy property?

High Yields & Low Prices If you’re looking for a buy to let property with an impressive rental yield, Liverpool is a great choice. … In a further study on the best UK city to be a landlord, Liverpool has one of the highest average rental yields in the country. Liverpool also has an average rental price growth of 2.65%.

Where should I not live in Liverpool?

Below are the five spots with the highest recorded crimes.The area between Slater Street and Wood Street.The section of Lord Street around Dorans Lane.The area on Fleet Street between Concert Street and Roe Alley.Area between Church Street, Basnett Street and Tarleton Street.Roscoe Place.

How safe is Liverpool at night?

During the day, 98 per cent of people in the city centre feel very or fairly safe (2011: 98 per cent), and from 6-10pm, 92 per cent feel very or fairly safe (2011: 84 per cent). …

What is the best area in Liverpool?

Best Areas in Liverpool to LiveCrosby. The north Liverpool suburb of Crosby is a lovely little gem. … Aigburth. With its close proximity to the city centre and array of stunning properties, Aigburth is an area of Liverpool that is highly-sought after. … Woolton. Nestled in between Liverpool’s leafy suburbs, Woolton is an incredibly desirable area to live.

Is Liverpool a safe place to live?

Liverpool’s recent economic resurgence, it’s designation as European Capital of Culture in 2008 and a period of massive investment have coincided with a large drop in crime levels across the region. Liverpool is now considered to be one of the safest large metropolitan areas in the UK.

Is it expensive to live in Liverpool?

Liverpool is a relatively inexpensive city compared to other UK cities and enjoys low rents whether you are in the city centre or on the outskirts. A one bedroom apartment in the city centre costs, on average, $679 per month while a one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city will cost just $590 per month.

Where do families live in Liverpool?

Liverpool region housing guide: 4 of the top areas to liveYoung couples and professionals. WATERLOO. With an abundance of properties with a huge range of house prices, the coastal town of Waterloo is a firm favourite for young professionals and couples looking for their first home, explains Mike. … Families. CROSBY. … Mature families. WOOLTON. … Next steppers. AIGBURTH.

Is Huyton Liverpool rough?

Like most parts of Liverpool districts, there are rough parts and there are genteel parts. They are side by side in the same district. If you saw the tragedy of the tragedy of Rhys Jones, they lived in a lovely part of Croxteth , but just close by was a really rough part.

Is maghull rough?

In summary Maghull itself is not a rough place to live however it does harbour this new type of scally **** both girls and boys. … And if you fancy a laugh at the Maghull “scallies” then go for it, you wont be disapointed.

Where should I live in Liverpool?

Places like Bowring Park, Gatacre, Childwall, Wavertree Garden Suburb and Aigburth are all great place to live. If you don’t mind a small commute, you can live in a coastal town like Crosby and Waterloo and enjoy the countryside and the beach. Lark Lane in the city, is a place full of young professionals and artists.

Is it safe to walk around Liverpool at night?

Especially in the city center, you are likely to be very safe. … Like any large city, don’t go out alone at night and try to not look like a tourist. The areas around Toxteth, Dingle, and Wavertree have a reputation for rough characters, and can be dangerous at times.