Question: Which Samsung A50 Has NFC?

Does Samsung a50 have NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) allows the transferring of data between devices that are a few centimeters apart, typically back-to-back..

Which Samsung phone has NFC?

Android smartphones that can scan NFCManufacturer and ModelHas NFC chipReads NFCSamsungGalaxy S9, S9+YesYesGalaxy S8, S8+YesYesGalaxy S7, S7EdgeYesYes44 more rows•Mar 2, 2020

Does Samsung a50 have Google pay?

This feature manages payment apps. The ‘Tap & pay’ option doesn’t apply to Android Beam and won’t include certain apps such as money transfer apps. If your device doesn’t have a payment app, you can browse Google Play™ for payment apps. …

Does Samsung a50 have IR sensor?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy A50 has an NFC feature but it doesn’t have an IR Blaster.

Is the Samsung Galaxy a50 worth it?

The good The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a solid camera, an in-screen fingerprint reader, a headphone jack and a long-lasting battery — all at an affordable price. … The bottom line Though not water repellant like the Moto G7, the Galaxy A50 is worth the extra $50 for its superior camera and enduring battery.