Question: What Is The Best WiFi Router In Sri Lanka?

What is the fastest network in Sri Lanka?

MobitelOokla, the global leader in Internet testing and analysis, has declared Mobitel as the Winner of the Speedtest Award™ for 2019, successfully winning the award for all four quarters consecutively as the Fastest Mobile Network in Sri Lanka..

Which is the best brand for WiFi router?

Best wireless routers 2020: the best Wi-Fi for your home networkAsus RT-AX86U. … Asus RT-AX58U. … TP-Link Archer C5400 v2. … Netgear Orbi Pro. … Netgear Orbi AC2200 RBK23. … TP-Link Deco M9 Plus. A router for the smart home. … D-Link Covr-C1203. Wireless mesh networking for everyone. … Eero Home Wi-Fi System. Mesh wi-fi for the power user.More items…•

What is the best 4g network in Sri Lanka?

In Opensignal’s first national report on Sri Lanka’s mobile network experience one operator dominated our award table. Dialog won four of our seven awards outright, and by very large margins in all of the categories — 4G Availability, 4G Coverage, Latency and Upload Speed Experience. Mobitel was the closest to Dialog.

Which Sim is best in Sri Lanka?

There’s no shortage of cell companies in Sri Lanka, including Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel, and Hutch. Dialog and Mobitel have the largest networks and subscriber bases and are generally the best option for most travelers.

What is the No 1 mobile operator in Sri Lanka?

Among the mobile operators Dialog is the most popular mobile operator in Sri Lanka.

What is the best Internet connection in Sri Lanka?

Ookla® has declared the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, its Speedtest Award Winner for having the Fastest Mobile Network in Sri Lanka. Speedtest Awards are licensed to Internet Service Providers and mobile carriers around the world that are determined by Ookla to be the fastest in their market.

How much is a WiFi router in Sri Lanka?

Wi-Fi RoutersSKUTitlePriceTP-Link TD-W8951NDTP-Link TD-W8951ND Wi-Fi Router (SLT special offer)Rs.3,475TP Link TD-W8961ND Wi-Fi RouterTP Link TD-W8961ND Wi-Fi RouterRs.5,135DS-Link DS-WR300NDCP-Link DCP-WR300N 300M Wireless RouterRs.3,875Wireless USB AdapterDCP LINK – Wireless USB AdaptorRs.1,4253 more rows

How do I add more data to my SLT Broadband?

Can I call SLT and obtain Extra GB other than login to usage meter and obtaining it? Yes, you can dial 011-2121212 and check your remaining volume balance and order extra GB. Also you can call 1212 and ask contact center officers support.

Does Sri Lanka have 4g?

Telephone Network The latest trend is the Fixed 4G LTE and 5G technologies, because of this technology many Sri Lankans who live in rural and remote areas can now access a good telephone and broadband internet service.

What is Dongle Wifi?

A dongle is basically a very little modem with the ability to connect to wireless or mobile broadband – 4G or 3G, the same as the broadband on your smartphone. When you plug a dongle into a computer, your computer is essentially connected to a modem and can get online.

How can I get Mobitel 4g SIM offer?

─ Dial #170# and select no. 4- 4G SIM Change Offer. ─ You will be notified whether you are eligible for the offer.

What is the cost of Mobitel dongle?

Wi-fi Dongle PlansMonthly Rental of the package (excluding tax)Upfront Fee590Rs6000 (Router charge =5000+ Refundable deposit = 1000890Rs6000 (Router charge =4500+ Refundable deposit = 1500990Rs5000 (Router charge =3500+ Refundable deposit = 15001290Rs5000 (Router charge =3000+ Refundable deposit = 20007 more rows