Question: How Do I Use FreeShipping Com?

How do I cancel FreeShipping com?

As a member, you can cancel your program membership in three ways: Log in to the program website at, visit the “Help” tab, click the “Cancel Membership” link, and follow the instructions; Call Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-869-5597 and ask to cancel; or..

How did I get signed up for FreeShipping com?

As a member, you likely joined the program in one of two ways: You visited and signed up for the program; or. You accepted an invitation to try after making a purchase at one of our partners’ sites.

How do I cancel my Prime membership?

To end your Amazon Prime membership, log in to your account, then select “Your Prime Membership” from the “Account & Lists” drop-down menu. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see “End Membership and Benefits” as an option. Click the link, and then confirm that you want to cancel your membership.

Is FreeShipping cash back legit?

Great way to get money back on purchases. They send a check every month if you are eligible. There is a limit of $1000 back a year. It is definitely worth it.

What is the monthly fee for FreeShipping com?

$13.00/monthCLICK THE ICONS BELOW TO SEE HOW FREESHIPPING.COM SAVES YOU MONEY! Access these exclusive benefits immediately with a 7-day trial for $2.00, then just $13.00/month after. Cancel anytime. Just shop through our links to get 10% cash back on your purchases at over 1,000 top retailers.

What is a free shipping rebate?

FAQ > Rebates. A free shipping rebate is a portion of or the entire shipping fee that is returned to the buyer after the purchase is complete. A rebate differs from a coupon or a discount because it happens after a purchase is made versus being taken off the purchase price at checkout.

Is FreeShipping com really free? is an online shopping companion site that helps shoppers save time and money. … is the only site where shoppers can get consistent 10% cash back at over 1,000 retailers, plus free shipping, free return shipping, and instant coupons on all purchases.

Is FreeShipping com trustworthy?

FreeShipping has a consumer rating of 1.78 stars from 587 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. FreeShipping also ranks 112th among Shipping sites.

What is Free Shipping LLC? connects shoppers like you with year-round savings at 1,000+ online retailers. You can earn 10% Cash Back when you buy clothing, toys, pet supplies, electronics, home furnishings, and more from 1,000+ online retailers. …

Should I do free shipping?

Be realistic about your margins The question isn’t around if you should offer free shipping, but whether you can afford it. For cheaper items, you simply can’t absorb the cost of shipping. If your product costs $6 and the cost of shipping is $8, you are going to lose money by offering free shipping.