Is Respondent The Same As Defendant?

What is another name for plaintiff?

What is another word for plaintiff?complainantsueraccuserappellantapplicantclaimantlitigantpetitionerprosecutorpursuer10 more rows.

Is respondent safe?

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What does respondent mean?

noun. a person who responds or makes reply. Law. a defendant, especially in appellate and divorce proceedings.

Who is plaintiff and who is defendant?

The party against whom the complaint is made is the defendant; or, in the case of a petition, a respondent. Case names are usually given with the plaintiff first, as in Plaintiff v. Defendant. The similar term “complainant” denotes the complaining witness in a criminal proceeding.

What is the difference between applicant and respondent?

In an application the filer of the same is known as the applicant or applicants and the other party against whom the same is filed is known as respondent or respondents as the case may be. In an appeal the filer is known as appellant or appellants and the other party is known as respondent or respondents.

Is a petitioner a defendant?

Parties include plaintiff (person filing suit), defendant (person sued or charged with a crime), petitioner (files a petition asking for a court ruling), respondent (usually in opposition to a petition or an appeal), cross-complainant (a defendant who sues someone else in the same lawsuit), or cross-defendant (a person …

What does Petitioner vs respondent mean?

“Petitioner” refers to the party who petitioned the Supreme Court to review the case. This party is variously known as the petitioner or the appellant. “Respondent” refers to the party being sued or tried and is also known as the appellee.

What is another word for petitioner?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for petitioner, like: solicitor, applicant, claimant, suitor, candidate, appealer, appellant, aspirant, hopeful, seeker and ask.

Who is the applicant?

The definition of an applicant is a person who asks to be considered or chosen for something. An example of an applicant is a person who is seeking a job or a person is trying to get into college.

What is the difference between a respondent and a defendant?

A Defendant refers to a person who is being sued by another party for the first time. A Respondent refers to a person who responds to an appeal or petition filed against him/her. … Contrastingly, a person becomes a Respondent when the losing party from the initial case appeals against the decision of the lower court.

Who would be the respondent?

The respondent is the party against whom a petition is filed, especially one on appeal. The respondent can be either the plaintiff or the defendant from the court below, as either party can appeal the decision thereby making themselves the petitioner and their adversary the respondent.

What is the opposite of a respondent?

respondent, responder, answerer(adj) someone who responds. Antonyms: unresponsive.

Is a petitioner the same as a plaintiff?

All these names are given to the person who seeks legal remedy from Court. However, the difference depends on the stage of case or type of case filed. Plaintiff is the one who initiates an action in a civil case. … Petitioner is the one who files petition in Court.

What is the meaning of appellant and respondent?

An appellant is a party (usually the primary applicant) who disagrees with a decision made by the organization and submits an appeal. A respondent is a party who responds to an appeal made by an appellant and who defends the decision that led to the appeal. …

What is respondent in statistics?

OECD Statistics. Definition: Respondents are businesses, authorities, individual persons, etc, from whom data and associated information are collected for use in compiling statistics.