How Do You Use Revile In A Sentence?

What’s a reveille?


a signal, as of a drum or bugle, sounded early in the morning to awaken military personnel and to alert them for assembly..

What song is played in the morning in the army?

ReveilleIn modern times, the U.S. military plays (or sounds) “Reveille” in the morning, generally near sunrise, though its exact time varies from base to base.

What is another word for classy?

What is another word for classy?elegantfancysmartchiccourtlyexclusivefinegracefulhandsomemajestic231 more rows

What means classy?

: having or showing class: such as. a : elegant, stylish a classy clientele a classy hotel. b : having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior a classy guy a classy gesture. c : admirably skillful and graceful a classy outfielder.

What does it mean to revile someone?

verb (used with object), re·viled, re·vil·ing. to assail with contemptuous or opprobrious language; address or speak of abusively.

What does revealing mean?

: allowing a look at or an understanding of something inner or hidden a revealing confession also : tending to expose more typically hidden parts of the body a revealing halter top. Other Words from revealing Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about revealing.

How do you use classy in a sentence?

Classy sentence examplesShe’s very classy and beautiful. … The restaurant serves up mouthwatering seafood delights in a classy atmosphere.More items…

Do you salute private?

Salutes are not required to be rendered by or to personnel driving or riding in privately owned vehicles, except by gate guards who will render salutes to recognized officers.

Why is taps played at 2300?

History of “Taps” taps is played at 2200 everynight on every U.S military base also during military funerals and memorials. It’s never saluted at 2200 b/c the flag is down. However, a salute is rendered during memorials or military funerals to honor those who died.

What does it mean to be a classy person?

Classy is a word used to describe people, places or things, that have a lot of “class.” But a classy person isn’t just someone who wears expensive clothes. Classy can also refer to someone who puts a high standard on the way he behaves. A classy gentleman open doors for ladies.

How do you use anyhow in a sentence?

(sentence adverb), (informal) You use anyhow to say something does not matter, or you don’t care. We were told not to go, but went anyhow. I didn’t go to the concert. I’m not a big rock fan, and I didn’t have a ticket anyhow.

What does revile mean in the Bible?

To revile is to criticize in an abusive or hostile way, or to spread negative information about. When you verbally attack someone and call him names and say mean things, this is an example of a time when you revile.