Are Jihoon And Deavan Still Together?

Why did Jihoon run after Drascilla?

Deavan and Elicia ran as they screamed at Drascilla to stop, but the little girl didn’t listen.

That’s when Jihoon took off running after his stepdaughter, but he stopped after he felt his wife was “yelling” at him..

What happened to Deavan and Jihoon?

Sadly, it’s over between Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple had been struggling to make things work throughout season 2. While it is unclear when exactly the split happened, Lee has confirmed that he and Clegg are no longer together.

Are Brittany and Yazan still together 2020?

It’s Unclear if Brittany & Yazan Are Still Together Today Contractual obligations to the network stops the couple from publicly sharing much in terms of their relationship while the show is still airing, and neither of their Instagram pages reveal much about their love lives at the moment.

What happened with Jihoon on 90 day fiance?

Deavan is back to America According to Soap Dirt, Deavan recently left Jihoon in South Korea and took the two kids with her back to America. … However, she has now been in the United States for months, and insiders claim that she has no intention of returning to Korea to be with her husband.

Are Jenny and Sumit Together 2020?

However, Sumit’s family’s acceptance is something that 90 Day Fiancé is making the fans wait for. Although the show’s current episodes seem to have been shot before the pandemic, Jenny’s recent Instagram posts state that, as of mid-2020, she’s still with Sumit in Delhi, India.

Are Laura and Aladin still together 2020?

Where does the couple stand now? Technically, Laura and Aladin are still married. Clearly, both parties are unhappy, and they are not even living together. Laura has been spending a lot of time in Ecuador and even befriended another cast member of the show, Evelyn.

Are Paul and Karine still together 2020?

Paul and Karine have separated before In November 2019, Paul posted to Instagram, saying he and Karine had begun divorce proceedings (via ET). Karine told Us Weekly she was looking for a lawyer. However, the couple got back together, posting photos together in early 2020.

Do Paul and Karine have babies?

While Karine Martins and Paul Staehle welcomed their baby, Pierre, into the world about one year ago, the two dealt with difficulty having a child in the past. In fact, during their time together on 90 Day Fiancé, Karine Martins and Paul Staehle dealt with the difficulty of a miscarriage.

Who is Sumit’s wife?

Jenny Slatten and Sumit are hoping that the third time’s the charm when it comes to their love on the upcoming season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Jenny, a 61-year-old mom from Palm Springs, CA, met Sumit, a 32-year-old man from India, online nearly a decade ago.

Are Paul and Karine still together 90 day fiance?

90 DAY Fiance: The Other Way star Paul Staehle has revealed his marriage is over. The 30-year-old yesterday said wife Karine Martins is filing for divorce after two years of marriage. … Karine, 23, confirmed her divorce from Paul, 30, to Us Magazine on Tuesday.

Are Corey and Evelin still together 2020?

Corey Rathgeber met another woman As of June 2020, it appears Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas are still together. … The former Washington resident revealed during a June 2020 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined that he met another woman during a trip to Peru, just before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Does Jihoon lose Drascilla?

Deavan told her husband to take her daughter Drascilla, 4, from a previous relationship, upstairs to their apartment while she carried their infant son, Taeyang. Jihoon lifted Drascilla, over his shoulder, which she did not like. … He sprinted off ahead of Deavan and Elicia to catch up to Drascilla.

Are Yazan and Brittany married?

Yazan asking Brittany to convert to Islam and Brittany’s secret marriage could end the 90 Day Fiancé relationship completely. … Brittany was still legally married to her ex, and here was Yazan asking her to become a Muslim in three days.

Is Jenny and Sumit still together?

Jenny and Sumit are apparently still going strong, as Jenny confirmed to E! News in late June that she and Sumit “are not done with each other.” “We’re still in a relationship,” Jenny revealed. “He was married…the marriage wasn’t his choice. He didn’t want to be married.

Is Brittany still with Yazan?

Brittany is currently living in the United States and has been keeping a low profile amid the coronavirus pandemic. Yazan, meanwhile, is in Jordan with his family and recently told fans on social media that he is “deeply in love with Brittany.”